A land of magic and beauty.

Once the jewel of the Southlands, several wars and invasions have left it a shadow of its former self.

Persia in of itself is a land of beautiful sandy dunes and welcoming oases, it is a place of magic, mystery and wonder. Beyond the safety of its bustling cities and towns bands of Djinn and Elementals wait to fall prey on the unwary.

Persia’s current leader is the High Prince Iblis, a powerful fire elemental that rules with a brash no nonsense approach. Iblis is often with his army, personally leading them against any threats to his land, this leaves the day to day running of the Persian provinces to the local lords, or princes as they are referred to.

Religion is sparse in Persia, with the study and practice of magic being the most common place. Those that do follow the ancestors do so casually, observing holy days and traditions throughout the year. The ancestors of Persia tend to revolve around the elements and the landscape of Persia itself such as Azar the ancestor of fire or Vayu the ancestor of wind.

Magic in Persia is as common place as breathing and it is so ingrained into its culture even children learn to master basic spells, due to this knowledge Persia houses the greatest arcane schools through out the Southlands and as such some of the greatest mages and ritualists the Jackals have know have hailed from this nation.