A land of mythology and heroes.

The great nation of Graecia is made up of many small islands, here the sun shines down on olive groves which stretch for miles, and life is good. And who knows? Maybe you carry some Ancestral blood in you? Maybe you will be the next mortal to rival Herakles or Atalanta, and take their place in the courts of Olympus! Meanwhile, sit back, pour the retsina, and have an olive.

Of course, that’s what they want you to believe. The reality is somewhat more…complex. Graecia may be home to Erdreja’s best known democracy, with representatives of its states meeting in Senate to make decisions on a one state, one vote basis, but it’s history was born in battle and blood. From the original coalition of island states drawn together by Agamemnon at the capture of Troy to the most recent realignment of power both on the land and in Olympus. Graecia produces heroes, because conflict is never far away. Wandering monsters, sinister cults, savage remnants of once-great civilisations – not to mention the constant manoeuvring of the political factions. It is a land steeped in ancestral heritage and its powerful culture and eager trade policies make the nation a great asset to the Southlands empire.