The Southlands

A brief overview of the Southlands and the Jackals

The Southlands and the Jackal faction differ greatly to the other factions of the Heartlands, the leaders of the Jackals are not the leaders of of their nations, nor is the Southlands ruled over by a single body of rulership. The empire of the Southlands is collection of various nations and cultures, the largest of these nations are called signatories and they all work together for the betterment of the southlands as a whole, the terms of how this aid is manifested are laid out in a document called the Constitution and it is signed by all the leaders of the signatory nations. This document outlays the terms and aid that each nation provide, in exchange they in turn receive trade and military support from the other signatories.

The Jackals are a faction of the greatest warriors, scholars, mages and Skathen drawn from all corners of the Southland and beyond, their role as heroes of these nations is to oversee the use of the resources and assets that the constitution provides for the safety, defence and conquest that the empire needs. As heroes of there respective nations they also act a ambassadors to the other factions and see to the Southlands interests on the larger stage of Erdreja as a whole.

The signatories of the Southland nations then appoint from those blessed by Erdreja an Overtyrant to lead the Jackals, this individual then has the difficult task of managing a host of some of the most deadliest heroes the Egg has ever seen.