Nubia Unleashed

March 10, 2023

Expired Event

At the gathering of nations this year the Jackals performed a huge elemental rite in order to bind a powerful air elemental into the Southlands Colossus, the rebinding of this powerful elemental has had a knock on effect of abating some of the sandstorm covering the old lands. Bereft of a home the Nubians within the faction and the Jackals Overtyrant have set off on an expedition into the ancestral home of Nubia to discover what secrets the sandstorm has been hiding and perhaps carve a way back into finding a way home. Lujayne has put a call out to all who can help on this quest to join us on this first step of reclaiming the old empire.


Site details

10th - 12th of March 2023

Fox Coverts Scout Camp

Newbold Road

Kirkby Mallory


Ticket Prices

Player ticket £60 for the weekend

Monster Ticket is free


Player meal ticket £42.50

Monster meal ticket £15

catering is supplied by Mhorish Catering


Friday night will be beef stew and a vegan stew (both lactose and gluten free), Saturday breakfast is a cooked breakfast or porridge, saturday lunch is a buffet lunch (with vegan/GF/LF options), Saturday night is chicken and chorizo bake (GF and lactose free), and vegan meatballs and pasta. Sunday breakfast is the same as Saturday.

There will be free tea/coffee throughout the event for ease please bring your own coffee cup to save on recycling.

any specific dietary requirements or restrictions please email

Those monstering the event, there is limited bunk space inside the venue but this isn’t guaranteed so please bring the usual camping requirements. Also kit wise if you have any fur based kit you could bring that with you would be super helpful.

we will run through the site safety rules and introduce the sanctioning officer, first aiders and safeguarding officer befor time in. If you arrive after time in please speak to a member of the command team so these can be explained and introduced to you.

You can arrive on site from 14:00, time in will be approximately 19:00.

This event has concluded and is no longer able to be booked

Attending Characters

Character count: 56, Monster count: 33

Character Faction
Raesh Jackals
Padfoot Jackals
Grimfang Jackals
Preacher Jackals
Omen Jackals
Nefertiti morgulon Jackals
Jabari wolves bane Jackals
Makar Jackals
Hesperion Jackals
Urlm’hrak Jackals
Split-sack fire-tail Jackals
Orion the buntwr Jackals
The widow Jackals
Obakosey Jackals
Cryptic mctaff Jackals
Dicky Jackals
Raina Jackals
Kikimora Jackals
Bustnut Jackals
Dirt grub Jackals
Toast Jackals
Plague whisker Jackals
Balthier Jackals
Blue Jackals
Bashir mctaff Jackals
Ark the reasonable Jackals
The unknown Tarantulas
Ixilan Jackals
Khem nebi Jackals
T'jaffa Jackals
Ditch comic Jackals
Thrak Jackals
Honsou iron whisker Jackals
Abra Jackals
None Jackals
Marati Jackals
Layla Jackals
Sathana Jackals
Rafik ibn aeshma Jackals
Milk sheikh Jackals
Huffy danone Jackals
Marghul Jackals
None Jackals
Rottential Jackals
Caradoc the augur Vipers
Floki Jackals
Lumpy Jackals
Geoffrey Tarantulas
Eol of house micar Tarantulas
Morgoth Jackals
Ghazi Jackals
Chevron broadbard Jackals
Luther Jackals
None None
Mukamutara Jackals
None Jackals