Call to Arms

April 5, 2024

Overtyrant Lujayne has put out a call to arms amongst the Jackals and Allies

We received this detailed missive from the Jackals lore rat

Many thingses afoot in Southlands: elementals and water-creatures pestering coast and cities, mind-controlling octopus-things from space, assassins hunting for coins from a melted-down sacrificial altar, tentacle beasties, trouble-makey cults trying to free things we locked away, and innocent chaos beast-friends just trying to get home - and all iss pointing to Khazakstan. Jackals iss go there and sort things out, yess? Iss missions to do all over southlands but lands near Khazakstan iss where we will get to hearts of it all - but be careful, yess? An army iss assembling there and city may not be all ours now! Bring sneakiest disguises and cleverest brains and sharpest weapons.

The Overtyrant has asked for those Jackals brave enough to meet at Kazakhstan to find out more.

Site Details

5th April 2024 to the 7th April 2024
Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite

The Abbe's Walk, Doncaster DN6 9JF

Ticket Prices

Player Ticket is £50

Monster Ticket is Free!


Catering is by conspiracy catering.

Player Meal Ticket is £35

Monster Meal Ticket is £20



Japanese style chicken/tofu with teriyaki noodles and vegetables. Cake and custard for desert.


Cooked breakfast

Lunch tbc

roast dinner (pork or nut) with cheese cake for desert


cooked breakfast

light sandwich and snacks

any specific dietary requirements or restrictions please email

we will run through the site safety rules and introduce the sanctioning officer, first aiders and safeguarding officer befor time in. If you arrive after time in please speak to a member of the command team so these can be explained and introduced to you.

You can arrive on site from 14:00, time in will be approximately 19:00.

This event has concluded and is no longer able to be booked

Attending Characters

Character count: 90, Monster count: 49

Character Faction
Makar Jackals
Susan solstyce Jackals
Venarias Jackals
Dr Nic Jackals
Onion Jackals
Tungl verandi Jackals
Dortanak loakarta Jackals
Dalos aldwych Jackals
Fig valentine Jackals
Wotsit dorf Vipers
Chattix renfern Jackals
Eris nymeria Jackals
Vermillion smythe Jackals
Ezra ector Jackals
Eudoras Jackals
Raina Jackals
Greebo shotfurst Jackals
Dicky Jackals
Sydkik Vipers
Raesh Jackals
Solitaire Tarantulas
Alanna Tarantulas
Thariel Tarantulas
Erebus Jackals
Lumpy Jackals
Hesperion Jackals
Blightear Jackals
Atalanta Jackals
Le sac magic Jackals
Cryptic mctafg Jackals
Jander Tarantulas
Orion Jackals
Morope Vipers
Toast Jackals
Asmodian falin Unicorns
Icavus scal Unicorns
Tyrone Jackals
Turkish Jackals
Burnscar Jackals
Saphi Jackals
Baun greed Jackals
Flaggy bunting the jackal lore rat Jackals
Sebastian jones Lions
Peter cooper Tarantulas
Odo frabrucus Jackals
Harbonah Jackals
i ❤️ dionysus Jackals
Ark the reasonable Jackals
Urlm'hrak defender of nubia Jackals
Caradoc the augur Vipers
Misty sireth Jackals
Warpcyst Jackals
Dirt grub Jackals
Foulmouth Jackals
Obakosey Jackals
Axel darkblade Vipers
Tommy Jackals
Tyras Jackals
Teikoku Jackals
Aras Jackals
Shaitan ipepmoses Jackals
Luxuria Jackals
Bashir mctaff Jackals
Maruf abdul Jackals
Kraken Lions
Ilya domovoi Vipers
Plague whisker Jackals
Eleanor Jackals
Ditch comic Jackals
Gloamer Lions
Jabarie wolves bane Jackals
Abra Jackals
Skullbiter Jackals
Fingerbones Jackals
Coffin licker Jackals
Ta'cibien curervo Lions
Gobbie Jackals
Spite Jackals
Rafik ibn aeshma Jackals
Lyric Tarantulas
Ixilan rhyldisstra Jackals
Sathana Jackals
Huffy danone Jackals
Padfoot Jackals
Honsou Gryphons
Caradoc the augur Vipers
Tumultus Gryphons
Kika Jackals
Tailswift Jackals
Marati Jackals